Learn about privacy rights in your everyday life in these posts.

The new EU data protection rules

Update for your freedom: The General Data Protection Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation is the update for EU privacy law. The overhauled rules are valid throughout Europe and provide you as a consumer with some new and some improved rights.

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Right of access and transparent information from companies

Knowledge is power: Your right of access

With the right of access, you can figure out who knows what about you. This information helps you exercise a lot of other privacy rights. What information companies need to provide on their own and upon your request is explained here.

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Rights to object, to rectification, to erasure and to restrict processing

Self-determined and free: Correct and delete data, unsubscribe from advertising

Your personal data is stored with errors or outdated information? You want to unsubscribe from ad mailings? With the General Data Protection Regulation you have the options to have data corrected and deleted, and you can object to the use of your personal data for direct marketing purposes. Read more in this post.

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Right to file a complaint and right to representation

David vs. Goliath? You have strong allies against big companies!

Despite the strict rules of the General Data Protection Regulation, it can happen that companies violate your data protection rights. If you contact the companies then, but don’t receive a sufficient answer, you have strong allies: Here, you can read how data protection authorities can help you.

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Data protection regarding profiling and scoring

A rough guesstimate minus your address = Sorry, you’re too poor for us

Profiling uses your data to make predictions about your behaviour, for example your purchasing behaviour. The General Data Protection Regulation sets strict limits for profiling, which you can learn more about in this article.

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Privacy by default and privacy by design

Privacy reloaded: A dieting plan for data-hungry practices

Having privacy-friendy presets for apps or websites is mandatory under the EU data protection reform. Companies are also required to take data protection into account when developing software. In this article, you can learn more about privacy by default and privacy by design.

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Data breaches, fines for privacy violations and right to sue

Data protection with an edge: Finally, real enforcement of rights and sanction

For the first time, the General Data Protection Regulation introduces a list of fines for privacy violations that’s valid all over Europe. The potential maximum penalties should make it clear to companies how serious the EU is about data protection. In addition to discussing possible sanctions, the article also explains your rights in the event of data leaks and your right to sue.

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Consent, legitimate interest and purpose limitation

Your data, your rules: Your consent is becoming more important

Consent is a basic pillar of the General Data Protection Regulation: In many cases, your data may only be used if you consent to this data processing. You can find out here what consent requirements must be fulfilled and what exceptions there are.

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Highly sensitive data and data protection for children

Your medical records are confidential: Special protections for sensitive data

Although all personal data is sensitive, the General Data Protection Regulation classifies certain information as particularly sensitive. Here, you can find out what special data protection rights you have in these cases.

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Right to data portability

Moving your digital belongings: Easily transfer data between providers

The General Data Protection Regulation gives you the option of having your data transferred from one provider to another for the first time. You can find out here what this right has in store for you.

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