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“Your Data. Your Rights.” is a project by Berlin-based non-profit organisation Digitale Gesellschaft e.V., funded by the German Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection. The goal is to empower consumers to understand and use the new EU data protection rules.

The original German version is available at “Deine Daten. Deine Rechte.“.

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Digitale Gesellschaft e.V. is a non-profit organisation having advocated for civil rights and consumer protection in the digital sphere since its founding in 2010. In order to maintain and further develop an open digital society, the organisation is committed to stop the dismantling of civil rights on the internet and to use the potential of the digital world when it comes to access to knowledge, transparency, participation and creative development.

You can support Digitale Gesellschaft e.V.’s work by donating or becoming a sponsoring member. Moreover, you can find the organisation on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and SoundCloud.

Digitale Gesellschaft e. V.
Groninger Str. 7
13347 Berlin
+49 (0)30 45084018 (for encrypted e-mail communication, please find the public PGP key here)

Digitale Gesellschaft e. V. is registered with the district court Berlin-Charlottenburg with the file number VR 30591 B and recognised as a non-profit organisation by the tax office. The organisation’s statute is available online.

Authorised representative of the board of directors

Benjamin Bergemann
Volker Grassmuck
Rüdiger Weis

Project lead

Digitale Gesellschaft e.V.
Julian Jaursch
Volker Tripp

Project staff

Digitale Gesellschaft e.V.
Paula Menzel
Ludwig Reicherstorfer
Dennis Romberg
Nathalie Rose
Alexander Sander
Dr. Elke Steven

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Peter Frey
Martin Samlinski
Katrin Schek

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Alexander Lehmann
Lena Schall

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Julia Dernbach
Florian Maerlender

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Game Design: IJsfontein and Target Games
Anne Sauer
Martin Thiele-Schwez

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Michael Benda
Philipp Schäfer

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Jens Fiedler

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Markus Vögeler


The information on this website has been compiled to the best of our knowledge and in all conscience. Nevertheless, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) contains a number of legal ambiguities and/or loopholes. The necessary legal certainty and clarity will likely only be provided by legal proceedings at the national level or before the European Court of Justice. Therefore, the material and contents provided here do not claim to be legally binding, up-to-date and complete.

Last updated: May 2018